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The Reasons Behind Ugly Food and Why They Do Not Matter

Ugly food is the term used for fruits and vegetables that come out from harvest as less than perfect. Other than the appearance, delicious food ends up wasting unless they’re given another chance. You might be wondering what qualifies as bad food. Surprisingly, it isn’t just limited to the outward appearance of fruits and vegetables. 

How are Ugly Foods Categorized

The primary reason foods are considered ugly is their physical appearance. Supermarkets typically operate on standards that outright reject anything else but flawless. Even if the so-called nasty blemishes are minor such as superficial insect damage on the skin or produce blemished by harsh environmental conditions, most groceries don’t want them. 

Judgments based on the exterior aren’t limited to fruits and vegetables. Meat and seafood are not safe from this distinction as well. We’re accustomed to seeing uniformity in grocery displays. Meat must be evenly cut. These cuts must not have jagged edges or bones protruding from the leaner options. Seafood must look plump and uniform to pass the most minimum of visual standards. Such mindsets lead to these imperfect products getting thrown out or left in storage. 

Aside from the apparent reason, there are instances wherein food supplies just don’t fit the molds they were made for. Off-spec foods are called because they have too many differences from what customers typically expect. These changes are often caused by the harvesting and packaging methods. They often end up with no takers, which is why if a business owner wants to avoid further losses, they either have their unsold inventory shipped off far away in an attempt to attract potential buyers or sell their unsold products for much less.

Another cause of ugly food-related to the former is surplus or excess inventory. Harvests are unpredictable, and any yield predictions for a season can be way off the mark. As a result, farmers and producers might burden themselves with much more produce than they can reasonably sell off. Another situation for a surplus is when a market has too much of a trendy product that doesn’t sell well. One more example is when a buyer places huge orders for fresh produce but ends up canceling their orders leaving the farmers and producers stuck with figuring out who would want to buy unsold inventory. Finally, a scenario that can contribute to surplus is products being undervalued. For example, certain parts of a vegetable may prove more profitable than others. Broccolis are a perfect example of this. People shop for broccoli crowns even when the stalks and leaves make up the majority of the vegetable and are equally nutritious.

Buy Ugly Food and Start living a Sustainable Life

Food waste continues to grow because we keep ignoring ugly food. Help change the negative outlook on ugly produce. Quirks on the shape, size, or color do not affect the flavor and nutrition they offer. Reducing food waste and food loss by giving ugly food another look can significantly help address the global problem of food security, global warming, and carbon footprint, especially as our population continues to rise. 

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