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Tips to Buy Fresh yet Cheap Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are a great source of nutrition. They contain vitamins, minerals, and many other nutrients that protect the body from diseases. If you’re trying to save money, then you must be wondering where you can find fresh vegetable suppliers that are still affordable.

Many farmer's markets will have a broader and fresher selection of vegetables than bigger grocery stores.

Buy local and organic produce whenever possible. Many farmer’s markets will have a more comprehensive selection of vegetables than bigger grocery stores, and hopefully, a good choice from local growers. Buying vegetables that haven’t been shipped across the country will give you tastier produce, but it’s also better for the environment because it uses less fossil fuel. Smaller and locally owned grocery stores tend to have a better selection of fresh quality produce. In addition, organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any pesticides or chemicals, meaning they are much better for your body.

The cheapest way to buy vegetables is going to the grocery store.

However, the cheapest way to buy vegetables is by going to the grocery store. Sure, farmers’ markets are excellent, but they are a bit pricier than grocery stores because of the high overhead. Buying organic is also more expensive, and it’s not always necessary, primarily since their freshness cannot be maintained that long.

A farmer’s market is also not accessible for many, and grocery stores are much more reasonable. In addition, most grocery stores sell products that aren’t certified organic, which could mean they might have come into contact with pesticides, but the products you find here are also much cheaper and will last longer. 

Shop in season.

Look for variety when it comes to veggies. The least expensive vegetables will be found in the produce that is in season, so you want to stick with those. Eating with the seasons means you’ll get tastier produce, and it’s easier on the environment — and your wallet — because it doesn’t require shipping or storing food over long distances. 

Buy in bulk to save more and still not waste food.

If you’re cooking for more than one person, buying larger quantities of produce is usually more cost-effective. For example, a 3-pound bag of potatoes costs significantly less than three 1-pound bags of potatoes. So if you’re shopping for multiple people (or have a lot of cooking projects planned), it may be more cost-effective to buy produce in bulk. 

You might be thinking that the above scenario is the only one that warrants a bulk purchase. Worry no more. Even if you’re cooking for yourself, you can still buy in bulk when you join a group buy with others in your community. You get all the fantastic volume deals, and you don’t have to waste any food for them. 

Don't be afraid of "ugly" produce but be cautious of "too perfect" produce.

Produce can look bad but taste great, and even if it doesn’t taste great, you can cook it into something delicious. What about taste and freshness? Those are important factors, too. But you don’t have to buy only perfect-looking fruits and vegetables to get them. Sometimes “ugly” produce tastes just as good as its more attractive counterparts, and even if it doesn’t taste quite as good, you can usually cook it into something delicious (as long as it isn’t moldy).

Plus, no matter what your local grocery store might have you believe, it’s often cheaper to buy imperfect produce than perfect produce. So why not give it a try?

Another thing for you to remember is to be wary of picture-perfect produce. You may be tempted by perfectly shaped apples, round red tomatoes, and plump peppers when buying fresh produce. However, perfectly shaped produce isn’t always the best choice. For produce to look completely flawless, it’s most likely a given that they’ve been exposed to pesticides. 

Instead, look for items with minor blemishes from bruises or bug bites as long as they don’t show signs of mold or rot or if the skin is broken, but the flesh seems firm. The nutrients inside remain the same as well with the better-looking vegetables. 

There are many places where fresh vegetables can be bought, and it is essential to take your time choosing which ones are perfect for your needs or wants. Whether you prefer convenience over freshness, most of you would have to sacrifice one over the other. The good news is that an online grocery retailer can give you both with no compromise. 

A surplus food deals app like us gives you easy access to unsold inventory direct from local farms and other manufacturers to guarantee freshness. In addition, when you join a group buy, you get to enjoy volume discounts that you wouldn’t have access to otherwise, especially if you live alone.

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