Butcher or Supermarket: The Cheaper Meat Choice

People have long been arguing whether it’s better to buy your meat from the supermarket or procure them directly from your local butcher. If cheap meat in Singapore is what you’re looking for, read on.

The Convenience of a Supermarket

If convenience is essential, the supermarket is the obvious choice. You can get everything else you need for your weekly grocery shopping in one place. No more need to go to visit different stores when a supermarket has all your kitchen essentials in stock. 

Supermarkets also operate on occasional promotions. Unfortunately, availing of these deals is not so straightforward at a local butcher. 

The Edge of the Local Butcher

While a trip to the butcher is undoubtedly not the most convenient nor affordable, it more than makes up for it with the quality of their meat products. In addition, meat from a butcher is sourced from local farms or meat suppliers in Singapore, which means the farm journey to your dinner plate is much shorter. 

Supermarket meat is pre-packaged in a factory and is on display until someone buys it or it has to be thrown away. A butcher’s meat is cut while you wait to be sure the level of freshness that you get from their fresh quality produce is hard to compare with.

The meat you can buy from butchers might cost more than you typically get in the supermarket. You might get a bargain price for meat that is not grass-fed or of lower grade. However, with higher quality, the prices also rise. If you look at the bigger picture, their meat is reasonably priced since you get the best value for your money. You also get to help out your local economy when you shop from your local butcher. 

Not only do you get higher quality products, but you also get expert advice from butchers. You are dealing with meat experts, so they can easily offer you the best tips and tricks they’ve learned from their years in the business. They can even give you cheaper alternatives to pricey but more popular cuts if you want to save on your grocery expenses. Of course, you can still get friendly advice from the trained butchers you can find in supermarkets. Still, since they operate on a standard operating procedure, the level of personalised service you get is incomparable with that from your local butcher shop. 

Group Buy: The Convenience of Supermarkets and the Quality of Butchers

With the pandemic outbreak, more and more people opt for contactless shopping, even groceries. So how do you ensure you get only the freshest quality from online grocery retailers? Simple, you look for a new product supply chain and join a group buy. Once you join a group buy, you get access to inventory sourced from local farms and other food manufacturers, so the quality of your products is always guaranteed. Furthermore, in a group buy, you order in bulk, so you can now avail of bulk discounts so you can save more the more you buy.

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