Food Waste and Food Loss
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Food Waste VS Food Loss: Everything You Need to Know

The world shifted its attention to the global problem of food waste when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations reported that about one-third of the food supply intended for consumption ends up getting wasted or lost. So what is the difference between these often interchangeable terms – food waste and food loss?

Lisa Johnson, a food waste researcher from the North Carolina university, emphasized that while the debate blurs the distinction, food waste and food loss are two very different things.

What is Food Loss?

Food loss refers to crops grown on the farm that can’t be sold on the market. Reasons vary from cosmetic imperfections down to harvest surplus. Infrastructure limitations, quality, aesthetic standards, and climate and environmental factors typically affect food loss. Moreover, food loss happens at the production, post-harvest, and processing stages of the food chain.

What is Food Waste?

Food waste refers to food thrown away after being picked, cooled, packed, and transported. Food waste occurs at the end of the food chain when food produced for human consumption ends at the dump. Included here would be spoiled food before consumption and disposal or food that was still edible when thrown away. Some instances which may be relatable would be discarding uneaten food after a meal and throwing away expired food in your refrigerator. Retailers and consumers are the main culprits of food waste because their purchasing decisions are based on quality and safety standards.

However, ugly food poses no harm to your health or contains fewer nutrients. They might not look perfect on the outside, but once you have cooked these items, you won’t be able to tell or taste the difference!

Instead of deliberately wasting food by overlooking ugly produce, why not reduce food spoilage. How can you do this? When you shop for your groceries, shop in a food waste marketplace or be less picky with your purchases.

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