Frozen or Fresh: Find out which One is Healthier

We’ve always heard that fruits are a great addition to a well-balanced diet. They’re packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which help our bodies function correctly. You might be searching for cheap fruits in Singapore to make your weekly meal budget easier. This guide is perfect for you as we tackle how you can save on your groceries.

But first, why add fruits to your diet?

If you incorporate fruits into your daily meals, you stand to gain plenty of benefits. Some of these include lowering your blood pressure and improving your blood sugar levels. Fruits can also help reduce your risk for cardiovascular diseases, eye and digestive problems, and some kinds of cancer. In addition, since fruits can contain fiber, among other nutrients, they can also help weight management or shedding a few pounds. 

An online grocery retailer offers fresh and frozen fruits, but which one should you pick?

Fresh Fruits: What do they offer?

The fruits you can find in a fresh produce app are picked before they are fully ripe. This ensures that they mature during the duration of transport. Generally, fresh fruits can spend from three days to a few weeks in transit before arriving at their destination. While this is the general scenario, some fruits such as pears and apples can be stored for up to 12 months as long as the conditions are right. Once they reach the supermarket or warehouses, they can last for three more display days. After that, they have another seven days at people’s homes before they need to be disposed of.

To preserve freshness, they are usually stored at a chilled and controlled temperature. They are also treated with chemicals to prevent spoilage. While it will be easier to look for certain fruits during their respective seasons, picking them before their full maturation gives them less time to develop the full range of natural nutrients.

Taste-wise, fresh fruits taste fresher and can retain their natural texture. In addition, when you choose to buy in-season fruits, you cut down on the risk of ingesting fertilizers or other common chemical additives in fruits that grow out of season.

Frozen Fruits: Affordable, Convenient, and Versatile

Fresh fruits are not always available, especially when considering whether they are in season. It varies with the fruit, but some varieties are more capable of retaining nutrients when they are frozen rather than fresh. 

At the peak of their ripeness, nutrients are also at their peak. Upon reaching this pinnacle, fruits are picked and flash-frozen soon after to preserve the nutrients. Frozen fruits can easily last you several months, so they are much more practical than fresh fruits that go bad at a faster rate. 

Frozen fruits allow for a hassle-free experience since they are already prepped for consumption. They usually come cleaned and pre-sliced, so you can just pop them in your mouth or easily use them for your dishes or even healthy smoothies.  

While fresh fruits may taste better, frozen fruits offer the same if not more nutrients than they do. You want to find great market bargains in Singapore in this fast-paced world. Join a group buy to make the most of your purchase. 

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