Give Ugly Food a Second Chance

Reasons to Buy Ugly Food Singapore

When you shop for groceries, you likely pick out the freshest produce, the one with the brightest colours and the ones without bruises or any other imperfections. If your supermarket experience is anything to go by, you’d think that grocery produce is all perfect in size and colour. However, there’s more to it. Remember an apple that didn’t have the ideal shape? Or an apple that tastes too tart for your taste buds? These are just some examples of what is typically categorised as ugly food. 

What is Ugly Food?

When fruits and vegetables are harvested, they don’t all turn out flawless. These ugly products are usually grouped into three categories:

  • What we would associate with the term “ugly.” These are the misshapen or off-sized fruits and vegetables that may also come with bruising. Imagine tubers with weird shapes or your leafy vegetables riddled with holes from pest damage.
  • Those that fail the standards that supermarkets uphold. An example would be an apple that has a slight tint of yellow or orange instead of being a bright red.
  • We have the fruits and vegetables that technically don’t have anything wrong with them, but they still become part of the unsold inventory since there is a surplus.

Why Go for Ugly Fruits and Vegetables?

You might wonder why you would want anything to do with ugly produce, right? While they are rejects, we shouldn’t pass them over for their more aesthetically-pleasing counterparts. They offer you the same nutritional benefits and the same flavour, so really, what’s stopping you from giving them a chance? 

The business model of an ugly food market was actually started to give ugly produce a second chance while reducing food waste. When you purchase flawed fruits and vegetables, you help out farms and other producers by ensuring that a significant portion of food produced is sold off. You also get to break the standards grocery stores have set. If we can eliminate the view that customers only prefer perfect produce, we can significantly cut down on food wasted for cosmetic reasons.

Where to Buy Ugly Food?

The candid labelling of these ugly products has a positive effect. Instead of deterring customers, they attract them, especially since they’re way cheaper than usual. By pointing out the imperfections firsthand, customers rethink their basis for judging food products. Where can you source ugly produce if you’re ready to join the food sustainability movement? Food waste apps come to a dime a dozen. However, more and more people are becoming aware of how huge a problem food waste is and are hopping into the food sustainability bandwagon. As a result, it’s much easier to buy ugly fruits and vegetables

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