Is group buy Singapore legal?

Everything You Need to Know: The Legality of Group Buy Singapore

The pandemic has brought on lots of trends in the world of e-commerce. One of these trends that continue to take traction is community group buying. Originating from China, it involves a community leader who promotes products to a local group like apartment neighbours. These products are sourced directly either from farms or distributors. But what about a group buy Singapore? Are there significant differences?

The short answer is not really. The essence of how group buy works is the same everywhere. Community hosts are in charge of daily/weekly promotions. Once the orders are delivered, they unpack them for customers to collect.

What’s In It For You?

Just like the concept of buying in bulk, when you purchase larger quantities, you also get better deals. Cutting down on costs is made even more possible if your community goes beyond the circle of family and friends. Technology has made it possible to form a group buys with 100-500 people located near one another. Not only do group buying members get to benefit from discounted deals, but e-commerce companies also don’t have to worry as much about high logistics costs and food spoilage. Aside from the practical incentives, group buying also promotes food sustainability.

Aside from the convenience it offers, group buy promotions seem to be the main driving factor. However, regulators have expressed concern that some businesses are disrupting market prices. Particularly in China, Nanjing’s city government has unveiled their first regulation, which places community group buying under scrutiny. The stipulations banned platforms from using “unfair competition methods” that could potentially compromise the financial interests of both market players and consumers. Citing the Price and Anti-Monopoly Laws, the regulation discouraged dirt-cheap prices from beating the competition.

While community group-buying is under government scrutiny in China, group buying is legal in Singapore. This is attested by the number of group buying platforms that have sprung up over the years. Not only do group buys give you better deals, but they also serve the government’s interest in giving the economy a boost by creating jobs. Being a community collection host or a group-buying leader is one of the novel occupations that emerge with brand new industries.

Why TreeDots?

We’ve mentioned that there are plenty of community group buying platforms. There are countless neighbourhood group buy chats on Whatsapp and Telegram. So who hosts these group buys? Most collection point hosts are housewives and like-minded individuals who embrace their community and love bulk discounts. So how do you know which ones to join?

TreeDots has established a platform to connect suppliers directly to consumers, cutting out the middleman; hence TreeDots can pass on these savings. There are more excellent discounts with volume deals they purchase with their community. TreeDots also take in foods that are cosmetically filtered and less than perfect hence consumers can expect to save up to 90% retail prices with these perfectly edible foods. Save food and save money with us. We have since expanded to social commerce. With the help of our loyal supporters, we have amassed over 500 collection points in Singapore alone and have recently expanded to Malaysia.

Download the TreeDots App on the App Store and Google Play. You can get $5 off your first three purchases when joining the TreeDots group buy platform. Just make sure to use voucher code: once you check out your cart with a minimum spend of $30 and enjoy additional discounts on your purchases.