Join a Group Buy as a Host to Enjoy More Discounts

Join a Group Buy as a Host to Enjoy More Discounts

The pandemic has transformed our lives in many aspects and it includes the way we shop. Joining a group buy is the growing e-commerce trend when it comes to shopping for your groceries. Simply put, group buying is coming together with your neighbors, family, and friends to enjoy bulk discounts when you share orders. Is it really worth it to join a group buy? If you enjoy discounts and sustainable living, then definitely yes!

What benefits do you get from group buying? Once you join a group buy as a buyer, you get discounted prices for all kinds of products. How is this possible? Here at TreeDots, we help to simplify the supply chain by connecting food suppliers who are looking for a platform to offload their surplus inventory to consumers like households and businesses! These items will be sold at discounted prices, and consumers can purchase at much lower prices when they buy in bulk.

You can start your group buy experience as a buyer or a host! Collection point hosts help send marketing materials to their community chat consisting of weekly promotions and updates. They also answer any product-related questions that buyers in the chat group may have. Most importantly, hosts need to facilitate the collections and ensure that all buyers collect their products within the stipulated collection period. 

As a host, you are entitled to a variety of incentives, For starters, once you join as a host, you can get up to S$170 on top of commissions. You can get S$20 for each delivery you make for up to 6 deliveries made over 2 months. Once you complete 6 deliveries over two months, you receive a bonus of S$50 (not applicable for home deliveries). Anyone can sign up as a host as long as you feel suitable and comfortable with the role. If you feel you’re up for the task and would love to enjoy added perks, then sign up now. 

Aside from the incentives, you can help us in our advocacy to minimize food waste and food loss. Suppliers often have surplus stocks on products that are not aesthetically pleasing, which gets cosmetically filtered out and ultimately ends up in landfills. While these foods may have flaws, the nutrients you get from them are still the same as their perfect counterparts. There’s really no reason to skip on them.

One of your responsibilities as a host is to be able to guide your buyers on our ordering process! We’ve compiled a quick list of the steps for you and your buyers.

1. Create a Group Buy Account

  • Download the TreeDots Group Buy app either from the Playstore for Android users or the App Store for iOS users.
  • Sign up for a Group Buy account. First, select the state you are residing in. Our Group Buy App is currently available in Singapore and Malaysia only! Type in your particulars. Make sure all information is correct, especially your mobile number and email address. 
  • A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to your registered phone number for verification. Select ‘resend code’ if you did not receive an OTP.
  • Once your OTP is keyed in, you will be logged in automatically.

2. Find Collection Point

  • Tap on the white ‘location icon’ on the top right corner of the screen
  • Turn on the ‘Halal only’ filter if required
  • Enter in your address to view all collection points near you! 
  • Select a public location point with no password. 
  • Change to another location if the chosen collection point is locked with a password. These points are not open for the general public to access.
  • After selection, a welcome message will appear with a prompt to join the collection point’s dedicated WhatsApp chat group.

3. Join Your Collection Point’s WhatsApp Chat

  • When you join the chat, you will always be updated on our latest promotions,  exclusive deals, and other important information. 
  • Communicate easily with your community and collection point representatives (CPR) or group buy hosts on any questions you may have.

4. Select Products you want to Purchase!

  • Shop for our products through our homepage, categories, or search bar
  • Tap on the product to view more information
  • Select the quantity you wish to purchase and add to the cart 
  • To view your cart, tap on the green pop-up after you add an item to the cart, or use the bottom menu bar

5. Check Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

  • In your cart, you may check the progress of the MOQ for your collection point
  • For group buys, you will only be able to get your delivery if the MOQ of the item is met!
  • Chat with your CRPs to understand more or for clarifications!

6. Check Delivery Date

  • Check with your group buy host on the WhatsApp chat for confirmation of delivery date or for any further clarification.

7. Use your TreeDots Voucher

  • Select “Got a voucher?” 
  • Key in voucher code. For new users, use “TDNEW5 ”
    • Terms and conditions of use are the following:
      • 3 times $5 redemption
      • Minimum of $30 spent

8. Add Credit Card/Payment Details

  • Go to the “Account” section in the app.
  • Click on “Manage Account.”
  • Add a new card.
  • Key in your card information. Rest assured, your personal details are protected. 

9. Review your Payment Method

  • On the checkout page, select your payment option. You may choose either credit card payment or TreeDots pay. 
  • Tap “TreeDots Pay” if you want to use TreeDots e-wallet for payment.
    • You can top up via PayNow or credit card.
    • The benefit of this feature is that you can get instant refunds.
  • Double-check that all order details such as your items, delivery date, and collection point location are correct and select ‘Place Order’

10. Check your Order Progress

  • To view the progress of your orders, go to ‘Account’ 
  • Orders will be reflected under ‘Preparing’ immediately after the order is placed
  • When ready to collect, orders will be reflected under ‘To Collect’. 
  • You may check which items are ready by order ID product displayed 
  • For more questions, contact your CRPs or contact our support team.

COVID restrictions continue to affect our daily lives. Group buying is gaining traction with the convenience it offers compared to physical supermarkets. Why not go a step further and become a collection point host. Aside from the volume deals, you get to enjoy extra discounts from deliveries and more. What are you waiting for? Sign up to be a collection point host with us today and cash in on extra benefits!