You Need to Buy Groceries Online and Here’s Why

As the population adjusts to life during a pandemic, we have seen the rise of convenience-based apps. Shopping online has never been easier and more popular. Still not sure about joining an online grocery in Singapore? You might be wary of online transactions, given the alarming amount of Internet scams nowadays. 

We are here to reassure you that shopping online is more accessible and safer than you think. We list several reasons why you should seriously consider online shopping for your groceries:

Order your Groceries 24/7

It’s a no-brainer that most supermarkets have regular hours and are not open 24/7. However, that is no longer the case with online grocery stores. You can browse as much as you want virtual aisles with wide selections anytime and anywhere you want. Online shopping allows you to browse at your convenient time, no matter if it’s early in the morning or at the stroke of midnight. 

Forgot something? You can easily edit your order. No more repeated trips to the grocer just for that single item that must have escaped your mind when you were busy browsing the aisles. 

Fast Home Delivery Without the Long Lines

Since most groceries are perishable items, you can always count on same-day delivery to ensure you get fresh, quality produce. You can even customise your delivery dates, especially when you order in advance. You no longer have to painstakingly wait for your deliveries, unsure whether they will arrive on time. Delivery time slots of 1-2 hours can easily be arranged, so you don’t have to waste a whole day waiting. 

One more thing you can forget when shopping for groceries online is the traffic, gas money, and the long queues. No more arguing over that one empty parking spot nor rushing down long aisles of food displays to only end up waiting a long time for your turn at the counter. In this pandemic, it’s much better to avoid large crowds, even before the pandemic, who enjoyed jostling with strangers, anyway. So shop at your leisure when you go online.

Wide Selection and Better Deals

An online grocery retailer is more likely to have a better and more varied selection of goods. Seeing as they source their products directly from farms, suppliers, and manufacturers, you can easily find both local specialties and imported goods. 

They get their inventory directly from the source means a significant cut on prices. You get only the best prices with other parties taken out of the picture. 

Buy In Bulk With Ease

It’s common knowledge that buying in large quantities gives you access to wholesale deals. However, these bulk discounts were previously exclusive to food and beverage businesses since they are the only ones that can regularly order large volumes of food products. Do not worry because, with the concept of group buying, you can join in the fun too.

When you download a surplus food deals app like TreeDots, you can join a group buy with people near you. Be they, close friends or strangers, so long as you live nearby, you can make a big order together and avail these volume deals so you can save on grocery expenses. 

Download the TreeDots Group Buy App on the App Store and Google Play. You can get $5 off your first three purchases when joining the TreeDots group platform. Just make sure to use voucher code: once you check out your cart with a minimum spend of $30 and enjoy additional discounts on your purchases.