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Stop Food Waste The Way Only You Can

We’re living in a time when small actions can significantly impact the environment. For example, with global warming and climate change becoming more apparent every year, individuals need to be conscious about the amount of food waste they generate. So how do you stop food waste when it’s a problem on a global scale?

If you want to help the environment, start with the things you can control, like reducing your food waste. Reducing waste takes thoughtfulness and action, but your commitment can change how society deals with this problem over time.

Know the facts. Raise awareness about food waste.

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report of how more than a billion tonnes of food (⅓ of food production) are wasted each year was a slap back to reality. USA’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that this wasted food ends up in landfills and creates around 34 million tons of methane emissions per year. This gas has over 20 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide.

In addition to the environmental impact, there are significant social consequences when we waste food. When hundreds of millions of people suffer from food insecurity, we must do what we can to conserve resources and get meals for those who need them most.

While 20% is a small number at the beginning, it has risen by 2.6% each year over the past eight years—and that’s direct because of the rising population. In other words, our waste is getting worse as time passes by. Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recognises food waste as one of the most under-addressed pollution problems. They ranked it along with chemicals and industrial pollutants – but only after first ranking carbon dioxide, which is a given. And therein lies the problem: food waste is not always recognised as an issue that needs to be dealt with.

How do you get the rest of society to care more about the environment? First, convince them they have the power to make a difference by modeling actions they can replicate. That can be difficult given the large-scale problems we all face, but food waste is one where you can take action in your own home.

The movement for food waste reduction efforts has taken off in the past several years, mainly because of the actions of environmentalists and consumer advocates. Yet some people don’t understand the extent to which food waste occurs on a global scale. In addition, people are often not aware of how much they can do to reduce their food waste while enjoying plenty of delicious home-cooked meals. It doesn’t have to be complicated; each person is responsible for making small changes that add up over time.

Buy "ugly" produce.

If consumers know that, on average more than 1/3 of their groceries will be tossed out, why do they keep doing it? One reason is that we’ve been taught only to buy “perfect” produce. But it’s time to change that mindset and stop wasting food that could have been eaten otherwise.

Buy “ugly” produce and find great market bargains. Many stores are now carrying “ugly” produce at a discount, and those products are excellent to eat. If your grocer doesn’t offer ugly produce, ask them to start carrying it. 

Shop Smarter.

You’re not buying groceries for a family of 10, so don’t shop like you are. Instead, buy smaller portions and take fewer items into your home. “Before you go shopping for groceries, take stock of what you already have and make a plan for what you want to eat for the week ahead before you shop for groceries. Write down a detailed list of ingredients that correspond to your meals for the week so that you only buy what you will use and use it up!

Make your own small change and be part of the solution by stopping food waste the way only you can. It all starts with acknowledging the issue. While you feel like you have little power to make such a significant change, whatever you choose to do, remember this: every little bit helps in making a difference. And in the end, that’s exactly what we need: everyone pitching in and doing their part to stem the tide of global food waste. 

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