The Must-Haves for your Online Grocery Singapore

Qualities to Look for in an Online Grocery Singapore

Shopping for groceries can be a tedious task, but there’s no denying they’re a necessity that will never go away. However, there is a silver lining to the pandemic. With the rise of digital shopping, an online grocery in Singapore isn’t a novelty anymore. People have had enough of wearing a mask while lugging around heavy groceries home. Understandably so, this can be a hassle, or if you’re just feeling too lazy to go out, then online groceries can fix you right up.

When people talk about deliveries, people might be thinking of general merchandise that is usually non-perishable but with the innovation in cold chain logistics services, delivering fresh groceries to your doorstep is now an everyday occurrence. Cutting-edge technology has given birth to all kinds of user-friendly ways to skip the lines at the grocery store. You can have easy access to just about anything from fresh produce, frozen products, dairy supplies, pre-processed foods, and even more fragile stuff like eggs. While these online stores are generally reliable and provide high-quality products, you still need to check which one is best for your needs as a wise consumer.

Here are some of what you should check off on your list:

Order on the Go

Most people, if not everyone, have their smartphones with them wherever they go. You can use them for work, communication, entertainment, and of course online shopping. However, the screens of smartphones tend to run smaller than your laptop, so shopping for your groceries in a mobile browser isn’t exactly the most ideal. You need to check for your preferred online grocery retailer if they come with a mobile application. Having one makes it more convenient for you so you can order groceries online and track them even if you’re always on the go.

Check the Customer Service

Good customer service is essential to the smooth running of any business, especially in the service industry. Make sure to check out if your chosen app has a good reputation among its existing clientele. There should be a balance of both good and bad reviews. Good reviews are an obvious requirement since you check whether their products live up to one’s expectations. On the other hand, bad reviews might leave you reading this with raised eyebrows. Case on point, too many negative reviews will deter just about any cautious consumer, but the complete lack of bad reviews also gives off the impression of inauthenticity. After all, no business, no matter how good, lacks critics. 

It’s not only the reviews you have to keep an eye on. It would help to see whether their customer service representatives could take the issues in stride. You would also need to verify for yourself whether the replies are coming from a bot or a natural person. Talking to a real person is very helpful, especially when you have to change your order, track a delivery, or get a refund for spoiled food or products with damaged packaging.

Offers Good Value

Who doesn’t love discounts? It’s no wonder we perk up at the mere mention of sales, deals, and other tempting offers. If you love saving money on your groceries, then you’ll love a group buy. What is it? Group buy operates on the premise of collective orders. Therefore, group buy promotions are much more attractive. Since you buy in bulk, you get to avail of bulk discounts. Add that to special offers on the app, mainly for first-time customers.

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