Where to buy Beef Singapore

Tips To Buy The Best Quality Steak Online

Who doesn’t love a good steak? Steak is timeless, classic, and straightforward. Perhaps even primal. If you’re a certified steak lover, you would surely want a great piece of meat that costs less than what most restaurants charge per entrée. So prices at some restaurants are just outrageous that you’re better off buying and cooking your own. Sadly, buying steak in the grocery store or food court isn’t often the best way to go. Here’s why you should buy your steak online instead and everything you need to know where to buy beef Singapore.

Shop Smart When You Go Online for Better Deals

Whether you’re new to buying meat online or a seasoned pro, the process can involve a lot of uncertainty. Buying meat without ever seeing it in person is tough. On top of that, not every cut is created equal. As a result, getting good quality meat for a great price is not always easy. Still, if you know how to shop smart, you can find great bargains from an online grocery retailer without sacrificing quality. 

There’s a wealth of purchasing options when it comes to getting your hands on the most succulent steak. Whether you want it from the supermarket or your local butcher, chances are you’re used to buying steaks from either of these two sources. As tasty as the steak from your local butcher is, they can’t compete with online steak sellers’ value, quality, or convenience. Online shopping is a fantastic way to maximise comfort and save money all in one swoop. There’s no shortage of websites to visit, products to compare, and deals to be found — it’s enough to make your head spin if you’re not careful. 

One of the biggest questions people have when deciding whether to buy steak online or in-person is price. After all, nobody wants to pay more for their steak than they have to. However, quality should also play a role in your decision because not all steak cuts are created equal, and that’s what we’re going to talk about now.

When shopping for steak, there are several factors to consider, primarily where you source the meat and the cut of meat you purchase. Buying good-quality steak can be a little tricky and confusing. Not everyone can distinguish which cuts of meat are best to buy. For example, few people know the difference between filet mignon, ribeye, or other prime steaks from fewer tender cuts that are cheaper to buy. However, there are a few simple things you can look for when making an online purchase of fresh quality produce like beef. 

Take Note of the Three Steak Grades

The quality of the taste will depend on many factors including its breed, diet, and even how the animal was handled before being slaughtered. If you’re going to make a steak dinner at home, you need high-quality steaks in order to make sure you serve your guests or family a tasty meal that they want to come back over and over again.

Buying steak can be confusing and sometimes extremely difficult. There are three main types of steak grades: Prime, Choice, and Select. Beef is graded by examining the whole or split carcass to find differences per grade of individual cuts. Prime sits at the top and is the most expensive and quite difficult to see of the three. While these three grades have a hierarchy, you still get more than decent quality, with select still above the 50th percentile of all meat produced. The lowest-rated meats are not suited for retail distribution and are commonly used as meat products. 

Don't Forget the Marbling

The best quality steaks are graded by their marbling. Marbling is the amount of fat found amongst the muscle of the steak. The more marbling in your steak, the more tender, juicy, and delicious it will be. There are four different grades of marbling, A being the highest and D being the lowest quality. It would help if you always tried to buy grade A or B steaks, as they have superior taste and texture compared to lower grades. 

Familiarise Yourself with the Different Cuts

Steaks are divided into three sections. The categories are based on where the cuts come from. Cuts made from the upper back down to the mid-back are the rib, short loin, and sirloin. The minor tender cuts are the back ribs, ribeye steak, and rib roast. The short loin is where the T-bone (origin of New York steak), top loin steak, tenderloin, and porterhouse steaks come from. So you’ll find the sirloin steak and top sirloin in the sirloin section. Other tougher cuts of meat include the chuck, round and flank steaks. If you want the most tender cut of beef, then tenderloin is the one you’re looking for. Just remember that while they’re more tender, they’re also less flavorful. Cuts like these are chateaubriand, fillet mignon, and tournedos.

Shop for Steaks the Convenient Way to Get the Most Value

Buying meat online is a great way to get the highest-quality food for your family without leaving or taking time off from the office. It is the go-to option for people who are too busy at work to visit their local butcher. Most of us have little time to shop, and contactless shopping is even better with the pandemic. However, it isn’t challenging to score excellent deals online if you know where to look. Buying from a surplus food deals app is one way to go. 

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