Burger Beer Bistro x TreeDots: Mouthwatering Goodness

Today we’re back with another piece on our Buyer’s Feature series! In this series, we feature our close partners, who form part of Singapore’s community of food waste warriors.


Up next in our Buyer’s Feature series, we cast the spotlight on our favourite burger bar! B3 (short for Burger Beer Bistro) serves up delectable western dishes and fine beer with an environmental twist!

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As their supplier for poultry and fresh produce, we are delighted to be able to feature their efforts in combating food waste on our blog.

What’s Brewin’ at B3?


Located at SMU, B3 caters to diners in our heartlands. With burgers, pasta and an ambience that’s rockin’ some incredible vibes, B3 is a favourite among SMU students and staff.

Calling avid football fans, for B3 might just become your new turf. B3 screens live football matches for its customers and has even got special promotions during this World Cup season.

We’re here today with Head Chef Don, who proudly shares that all their dishes are all done in-house and made from scratch!

Don’t their burgers look mouthwatering? Their Sawadee and Heart Attack Burgers are their bestsellers!

B3’s Bold ideas

A restaurant’s meals are their literal bread and butter. And Head Chef Don knows what’s best for his customers. To him, it is of high importance that he does not compromise on the quality of his ingredients. In that case, how is working with TreeDots an ideal choice for him? After all, we deal with food waste, right?

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“We learned about TreeDots through a friend’s recommendation, and there is no denying that the price and the quality of the products are good.”

It is perfectly understandable when other restaurants are hesitant on the idea of obtaining produce from the TreeDots marketplace- even those of perfect quality! This is because there is still a strong stigma surrounding food items that are bound for the trash.

However, Don prefers to let the food speak for itself.

He rejects food items that are of poor quality or have gone bad, and our products definitely do not fall under this list.

“All of the produce are still good. As a chef, that is most important. Whether the food was bound for the trash or not doesn’t matter to me.”

That’s right! Did you know that our products are even fresher than those sold at your supermarkets? This is because we obtain them directly from importers and suppliers! We get our hands on the food months before they reach our local stores.

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As a frequent buyer of frozen poultry, B3 quells the notion that frozen goods are ‘less unhealthy’. The bad rap that frozen foods often get are in fact unfounded for.

Advanced freezing techniques used today are able to preserve the taste and texture of our beloved food products.

Sometimes, they are even better than fresh food.

Here at TreeDots, we carry a wide variety of items that range from fresh produce to frozen poultry and seafood.  And fret not, for we are able to vouch for the quality of our products!

We obtain all our food items from importers and distributors that are too, suppliers to our local supermarkets, grocery stores and F&B outlets.

Boundless Benefits

When asked about B3’s partnership with TreeDots, Don has no regrets. It wasn’t hard to make the switch from conventional suppliers to one like TreeDots. To him, it was a win-win situation.

Getting his ingredients of equal or better quality at significantly lower prices sounded like a good deal. Don says that, “since we started getting our food products from TreeDots, it has really lightened our cost by a lot. In the F&B industry, what matters most is that you always control your cost.”

To add on to that, TreeDots’ social cause appeals very much to them. B3 stands as a restaurant with a green mission, and reducing food waste definitely aligns with their goals to go green.

Fancy a meal at an eco-conscious place? B3 at SMU awaits!

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