A B2B Marketplace To Reduce Food Waste | TreeDots

Hello there,

We are TreeDots, a B2B marketplace platform for grocery retailers/wholesalers of perishables to sell their almost expired, overstocked or even ugly supplies that are still safe for consumption to F&B companies such as yourself whom are capable of finishing them before they expire at a deeply discounted price.


We Want You!

Quoting a divisional manager from Carrefour –

…food suppliers are expected to take goods down from the shelves at least one week before their stated expiry date.

Although efforts have been taken to recycle these products via donation channels, around 86% of these unsold inventory will still usually end up in the bin.

This can be prevented if they are sold to F&B companies like you who are able to quickly finish these goods hence reducing the amount of waste generated!


Why TreeDots?

We can’t stress enough on the benefits you’d be bringing for Earth by cutting down the waste generated from perishables but here are some other perks we can help boost your bottom-line with (all while going green!) –

    1. Our vendors have agreed to sell the goods at least 20-30% below the wholesale prices. Yay to greater margins!
    2. Consumers are increasingly favouring socially responsible companies with 9 in 10 Singaporeans expressing concerns over food wastage. Doing good and looking good don’t always have to come together, but in this case, they do!

Oh, did we also mention that we do not charge for subscription fees? So yes, we are FREE to join.


One last thing.

At TreeDots, we do understand the health regulations F&B companies are forced to undertake and hence we assure you that our products are all given in a state where they are still fit for consumption.

To start off, no fresh produce would be in the market for now only canned food or products with stamped expiry dates would be up for grab.

Saving the Earth has never been so affordable. So, what are you waiting for! Drop us an email at [email protected] to begin!