The 4 types of TreeDots products we sell for CHEAP

TreeDots stands out from the rest of the marketplace because of our easily affordable prices. Hence, the number one question we get is “How are your products so cheap?”
Today, we are going to answer this question by introducing you to 4 types of items we have on hand. We’ve fallen in love with them, and here’s why you will too.


1. The overproduced/ overstocked

  • Forming the majority of all our items, our friends here are produced or imported in excess, thrown out simply because there’s just too much of them to sell. Well then, more for us at a fraction of the cost!
  • Reasons to love them: They fulfil the usual retail aesthetic standards, so perfect to start with if you’re new to trying out our products. It’d be like buying from your usual supermarket, just cheaper!
  • Our best sellers: Boneless chicken, Australian carrots, Chinese cabbages

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2. The blemished (aka ugly food)

  • These guys may have a bruise here or a wrinkle there.
  • Apart from that, they’re largely perfect and this makes us wonder how the aesthetic criteria at supermarkets could have missed these foods
  • Reasons to love them: These little imperfections are negligible. If needed, though rarely,  a little slicing or shaving would do the trick.
  • Picture: Did we mention the giant heads of cabbage and bunches of spinach that we obtained? Now, don’t these green bundles look fresh and delicious to eat!


3. The oddly-sized/ coloured

  • We refer to them as the oddballs, the ones with crazy personalities.
  • They are either too small/  big, are of the quirkier variety, or naturally a shade lighter or darker than the rest. While we feel that these are reasons to celebrate, they stand out a little too much compared to their counterparts and are simply rejected by consumers.
  • Reasons to love them: They bring much more variety to the kitchen, are fun to cook with and always, ALWAYS the subject of a great instagram photo!


4. Close-to-expiry

  • Forming the minority of our products, we feel that these are some of our best buys yet.
  • In a bid to clear these items 3 months before their expiry date, these items can be up to 80% cheaper.
  • While we do not sell expired products, the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN strongly encourages us consumers to use these dates as guidelines, not a fixed rule.
  • Reasons to love them: Where else can you get a bottle of extra virgin olive oil at close to $6 a litre, or grapeseed oil at less than $2 a litre? Need we say more?


5. Bonus: The Out of Specs

  • We don’t usually have these guys on hand, but when we do, we whip out our recipe books and get cooking.
  • Would you discard a packet of squid rings with 50% of them broken? Sure, we can’t make perfectly round calamari anymore. But preparing this delicacy stir-fried, pan-fried or grilled with traditional recipes?  Heck yeah!
  • Why we love them: More reasons to get creative in the kitchen, they taste the same (or even better knowing that we’ve saved them from the landfill) and are very kind to our wallets!


The Verdict

So we bring to you the 4 main types of products you can get at TreeDots. Have you figured out why they are so affordable yet?

As unlikely as it might seem, these items would have ended up in the landfill if not for TreeDots and our partners. Items that fall in these four categories are bound for the trash bin simply because retailers are not willing to buy them. And this is because WE as consumers reject these products whenever we go grocery shopping.

That is why you can get them for cheap.


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