Ugly Food Co. x TreeDots: A Perfect Pear-ing

The Spotlight is On!

Today we kickstart the first of our Buyer’s Feature series.

As our close partners, they form part of Singapore’s legion of food waste warriors.

And this series aims to shed light on these big-hearted groups of people keen on doing their part for the environment!


What’s Ugly?

The very first on our list is none other than our good friend- Ugly Food!

Home to the most delicious fruit popsicles, artisan fruit teas and cold-pressed juices, what could possibly be ‘ugly’ about them?

Ugly Food is perfect for you if you are looking for:

  • Healthier snacks and alternatives
  • Delicious treats for a company event
  • More affordable teas and juices!
  • Or, if you simply want to support an eco-conscious business!

Why Ugly Food is Beautiful

The beauty of Ugly Food lies in their mission to transform fruits that are bound for the trash intro delectable and nutritious foods for all to enjoy. This beauty is too, apparent in their creative take on fruit teas and cold-pressed juices.

Augustine shared that the inspiration behind Ugly Food lied in, “noticing that tonnes of fruits were going to waste due to cosmetic filtering and we wanted to do something about it.”

Ugly Food at Feeding the 5000 2018

Ugly Food only uses fruits that are ugly in their products, simply because fruits that look good can be sold off. Doing so ensures that they maximise the impact they want to achieve.

Feel Great with Ugly Food

First of all, their products are nutrient-packed! Made from a variety of fruits, they are filled to the brim with vitamins and antioxidants.

Next, they TASTE SO GOOD. And we’re not saying this just because they’re our buyers! Their popsicles are our personal favourites! Made from bananas, their popsicles are creamy and naturally sweetened, removing the need for any added sugar.  They also take forever to melt, which is perfect for slow eaters (like ourselves!)

If chocolate banana popsicles are not your thing, here’s a glimpse of the rest of their mouth watering menu.

Perfect for the sweltering weather in Singapore 😉
And just some of their cold-pressed fruit juices


If that’s not enough, what else is better than supporting a business that does good for the environment? Fill your bellies with delicious goodness knowing that you’re doing mother nature a favour! Now, that is a feeling that’s hard to beat!

Loving Ugly with TreeDots

“TreeDots has helped us save time and logistic costs.” – Ugly Food

Before TreeDots, Ugly Food had to source their products from several wet markets, which took up time and logistic costs, especially when delivery was involved.

Fortunately, ugly produce is our speciality! We are excited to be able to work with Ugly Food as a supplier for their main ingredients- fruits that are blemished, oddly-sized or coloured!

For Ugly Food, working with TreeDots meant product consistency, convenience and cost savings. What a win-win, all in the name of reducing food wastage!

Apart from selling products are SUTD, Ugly Food also does catering for events. Find out more about where to get their products here!


Interested in buying from us or want to find out more? Hit us up at [email protected] or contact us to receive our full product catalog!