Beef: The Premium Meat Cut

Where to buy beef in Singapore? If you’ve been browsing the Internet for the best place to buy quality beef, you’re not the only one. Beef is a trendy meat choice.

Why Go for Beef?

It’s no wonder that beef is a favourite among meat lovers. Beef is one of the natural sources of protein that supports muscle growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Beef is also rich in iron and zinc, which helps the immune system function properly and facilitates healthy skin, hair, and nails. In addition, its essential vitamins like B6 and B12 help revitalise the body and reduce fatigue. Overall, when eaten in moderation, beef has the nutrients to promote good health and well-being.

When you’re buying beef, there are several considerations you need to remember on what makes for fresh quality produce. 

Beef Grade

Beef is graded according to the animal’s age when slaughtered, the amount and quality of marbling in the cut, and the meat colour and texture. You’ve most likely encountered these three grades of beef when shopping.

  • Prime 

You can already tell from the name itself that this one is the highest grade, making it the most expensive. You can expect only the most tender and flavorful beef from this category. Sourced from young and well-fed cattle, you’ll find excellent and even marbling. You’ll find this commonly served at hotels or fancy restaurants. If you’re lucky, you might even find this at specialty butcher shops in your locality. Prime cuts such as roasts and steaks are perfect for broiling, grilling, or roasting

  • Choice

The second tier of beef grading is much leaner than prime grades. It still has high quality but has considerably less marbling when compared to prime cuts. Again, choice roasts and steaks cut from the loin are perfect for dry-heat cooking and will turn out to be quite tender, juicy, and bursting with flavour. 

The less tender cuts can still be cooked with dry heat so long as it’s not overcooked. This quality tends to be most tender when braised, roasted, or simmered. This grade is what you’ll often find in supermarkets. 

  • Select

The final grade tends to be very uniform in quality and is much leaner than the previous higher grades. It’s still tender when cooked right, but it will be sorely lacking in the trademark juiciness and flavor that other rates offer since it has even lesser marbling. 

Cuts from this grade are best for stewing and braising. Otherwise, they should be well-marinated to obtain the best possible tenderness and flavor. You can also find this grade in supermarkets.

There are also some lesser-known beef grades such as Standard and Commercial. These two grades lack marbling, so you would have to chew a lot, like really. However, they are also of low quality, so you can expect them to be much more affordable than those mentioned above. So while they are still edible, enjoying them is a matter of personal preference. 

Beef Cuts: Which is Which?

If you want to know all about the more delicate portions of beef, here is a quick roundup of the most tender cuts. Steaks would include porterhouse, sirloin, shell, New York strip, Delmonico, and of course the ever popular filet mignon. Rib, rib eye, and tenderloin roasts are included as well. Tender cuts are usually cooked using dry heat methods, including broiling, grilling, sautéing, and roasting.

The less tender cuts of meat are best braised and stewed because of the bountiful amount of muscle tissues with lesser fat content. More challenging beef portions include the brisket, chuck, shoulder, rump, and bottom round. 

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