What's Fresh?

What’s FRESH?


Credits: William Moreland @lesswaterco

What’s fresh? It sure isn’t any secret that anything fresh is good for you, but just as any other thrifty Singaporean, we often fear the price tags fresh products usually bring along with it when compared to their frozen counterparts. After all, a chicken is just chicken be it in a frozen block or a fresh slab of meat. One thing that many are not aware of is that here at TreeDots, we can give you prices of FRESH chickens just as low as those icy poultry.


1. Affordable Fresh Chickens

How can we possibly give you such low prices? Due to suppliers having to meet a steady supply, they make use of machines to expedite the processes which result in tonnes of broken bones, bruised chickens. Many of which will not find themselves on shelves, bypassing the plates into bins. Yet, they have perfectly tender meat locked inside this ‘ugly’ facade. The fresh chickens we have here would not pinch at your wallets, and are most definitely a great snatch!


2. Glazing

What is glazing you may ask? Essentially, glazing = ice. (= extra weight)

Did you know that the weight of the frozen chicken you are purchasing is inclusive of this glazing. This means that the expected weight loss after thawing the item will be close to 30%

… hence a pack of 10kg chicken melts into 7kg…

If you are the kind of person that likes to get the best deal out of what you are paying for, I am sure you wouldn’t want to be short-changed.


3. Better Taste

As Gordon Ramsay claims, [he] can taste the difference between fresh and raw. For those who are more particular with the taste of their chickens, often the fresh chicken will have a juicier bite as compared to its frozen counterparts. Why is this so?

Simple biology knowledge tell us that freezing causes the liquid content within the product to expand and burst cells. This leads to a loss of moisture after thawing, leaving behind a stringy texture. So if you would like to have some of that tender, delectable chicken wing blessing your palettes, give fresh chickens a shot!

Some people might argue that they had froze their fresh chickens before and it still tastes delectable. Well, let’s just say Singapore’s frozen chickens mainly come from South American regions and it takes around 45 days to ship it here – safety is definitely not an issue since it is frozen, but we are not that sure if it will still taste the same!


4. The Environment

Finally, purchasing from the TreeDots will be your vote of confidence for the environment. On average, close to 5000 chickens are thrown away DAILY as they simply do not reach the high standards of businesses. Unfortunately, this is just a conservative number. There is simply too much wastage!

(imagine the 40 000 plates of chicken rice that could have been whipped up)

Refering to this earlier post https://www.thetreedots.com/2018/10/25/ugly-fresh-chickens/, Nicholas tells us more of this wastage and how our efforts here at TreeDots are attempting to reduce this problem.

By purchasing these fresh chickens from us, you will be doing your part to prevent these (slightly injured, slightly off-sized) imperfect yet perfectly fine on the plate, fresh chickens from landing in the bin.  


With these perks, what are you waiting for. Give us a shout here if you would like to find out more about how we can move some products together!

4 Reasons TreeDots had to remove the Vege Box

Saying goodbye is always tough, but sometimes it has to be done. The “Adopt a Vege Box” initiative was without a doubt one of the first few services that we had started as a weapon against edible food waste. Ugly vegetables sourced from our suppliers packed into a box and delivered to our adopters every Friday, sounds like a great plan!


Or maybe not. Here are some reasons that we have learnt along our journey to force us to pause this product for the time being:


1. Lack of Customers

It took us awhile to realise this but our initiative just wasn’t doing as great as how we envision it to be. Till date, we had only acquired around 20 consistent buyers for the initiative. We did a brief survey out there to find out why and it seems like people just didn’t like the surprise factor of these ugly produce. Either way, not enough customers simply means our operations would be expensive leading to expensive boxes and lesser customers – see the vicious cycle happening here?

2. Mismatch in Expectations

stop adopt vege box
Maybe we didn’t market the product right, maybe people don’t get the nature of food waste, but our survey had shown that our Vege Boxes just didn’t hit their expectations. We’ve had people saying that the vegetables are not ugly, and would like to boycott the suppliers whom had sold them via us. We’ve got people wanting to choose the items in the box or know the items a week before so they’re able to plan their groceries. We’ve even got people going to supermarkets and compare the prices asking why are they only saving $10 or even asking to have it for free.
Again, this is entirely due to our inexperience in communications and also lack of resources to properly do so. Therefore we have decided to just halt this, regroup, before we launch another initiative like that.

3. Slow response time from sellers

Our suppliers started to enjoy the other channels of clearance by TreeDots – towards our business clients – because we weren’t clearing their products quick enough with vege boxes. Over time, they started to become sluggish in their end of the week updates, and we had a lack of products to pack for the vege boxes.

4. Lack of sufficient resources

We were doing too many things at one time, catering to business clients took up more than we can chew in terms of resource allocation and we just didn’t have enough for anything else.
With this, we have closed the curtains to our pioneer product but it will definitely not be the end. We are just halting it to see how we can better improve our services to serve you all. Thank you to all the supporters for Vege Box and we hope to still see you around for other orders.

How did TreeDots celebrate Chinese New Year?

It all started with a quick discussion at SMUAA B3 Cafe, an idea to give back to the unsung heroes who have been keeping our alma mater as conducive and beautiful as what we had always known it for. Everything was fuzzy, nothing was solidified, but all of us only had one goal in mind – to express our heartfelt thanks to these quiet heroes in SMU this lunar new year.


TreeDots, SMU Grow, and SMUAA B3 decided to come together, each pooling our expertise, to whip up something amazing for our school’s 100 cleaners, technicians, security guards, and contract staff on the 7th day of lunar new year. Why the 7th? According to Chinese tradition, this day is everybody’s birthday! So what better day to show our gratitude!


After much planning and consideration, we decided to do a few things for these lovely people:

  1. Lo-Hei! A tradition where the Chinese set up a raw fish salad while uttering auspicious phrases and toss it as high as possible to usher in a year of prosperity;
  2. Buffet – how can a party not have a feast;
  3. Goodies bag for them to take home something after;


A campaign was thus set up to start raising funds and we were so touched by the generosity of the SMU circle – within a short span of two days, we had hit our initial target of S$1,500! At the end of the fundraising campaign, we raised a whopping S$1,900!


After all the hard work (and donations), the results were truly satisfying when we see the buzz of excitement and happy faces at the end of the day –



Albeit a simple event, it really felt like an extended family reunion for everybody. The funds collected went a long way since we managed to maximise food supplies and reduce food wastage. All of this couldn’t have been done without the help of all the donors, volunteers, organisers, SMU Grow, and B3!

Receipts –

lo-hei appreciation receipts

We are TreeDots – A B2B Marketplace To Reduce Food Waste

Hello there,

We are TreeDots, a B2B marketplace platform for grocery retailers/wholesalers of perishables to sell their almost expired, overstocked or even ugly supplies that are still safe for consumption to F&B companies such as yourself whom are capable of finishing them before they expire at a deeply discounted price.


We Want You!

Quoting a divisional manager from Carrefour –

…food suppliers are expected to take goods down from the shelves at least one week before their stated expiry date.


Although efforts have been taken to recycle these products via donation channels, around 86% of these unsold inventory will still usually end up in the bin.


This can be prevented if they are sold to F&B companies like you who are able to quickly finish these goods hence reducing the amount of waste generated!


Why TreeDots?

We can’t stress enough on the benefits you’d be bringing for Earth by cutting down the waste generated from perishables but here are some other perks we can help boost your bottom-line with (all while going green!) –

    1. Our vendors have agreed to sell the goods at least 20-30% below the wholesale prices. Yay to greater margins!
    2. Consumers are increasingly favouring socially responsible companies with 9 in 10 Singaporeans expressing concerns over food wastage. Doing good and looking good don’t always have to come together, but in this case, they do!


Oh, did we also mention that we do not charge for subscription fees? So yes, we are FREE to join.


One last thing.

At TreeDots, we do understand the health regulations F&B companies are forced to undertake and hence we assure you that our products are all given in a state where they are still fit for consumption.


To start off, no fresh produce would be in the market for now only canned food or products with stamped expiry dates would be up for grab.


Saving the Earth has never been so affordable. So, what are you waiting for! Drop us an email at [email protected] to begin!