Supplier FAQ

Supplier FAQ

TreeDots Supplier

To become a TreeDots supplier, head to our supplier page and fill up the supplier form! Our sales agent will contact you to discuss and understand your product catalogue.
Surplus/overstocked inventory is excess stock or ‘backup’ supply of products to cope with demand spikes. However, more often than not, surplus inventory is left unsold and ends up becoming unsuitable to sell due to spoilage.
A Purchase Order (PO) is a document that states the order details such as the product type and quantity ordered as well as payment and delivery terms. After listing your products on our platform, simply await for any purchase orders from us and proceed to deliver!

Listing Products on Our Platform

Coming onboard is totally free! We will only charge two competitive fees when there’s a successful transaction which is the platform & commission fees.

Contact us for more information!
At TreeDots, we take in a wide range of  products from poultry, seafood to fruits & vegetables. Dry food and snacks are welcome too! As we aim to mitigate food loss, unsold products as a result of over-supply or unaesthetically pleasing products can also be listed on our platform. Visit our supplier page for more information!
A general gauge would be 1 month but it’s dependent on the product itself! You may discuss this with our sales agent who will contact you after you filled up our contact form!
We can list your regular items as well as your expiring products at the same time.
The pricing of products on our platform is entirely up to you! However, we would recommend a competitive price of 5-10% below retail price to appeal to the customers. 
No, the supplier is responsible for the logistics portion. We will send the finalized PO to the supplier & they will be in charge of delivering to the listed address. Alternatively, you could choose to engage our 3PL service.

Delivery & Payment

Upon receiving a purchase order from us, you may pack and deliver the order directly to the buyer.
We can help to arrange your delivery using our in-house service, TreeLogs!
Payments will be made via bank transfer on every Thursday . 

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