The 10 habits of Highly Effective Food Waste Warriors

So, you think you’re great at minimising the food waste you produce. Do you have what it takes to qualify as a Food Waste Warrior? We’ve got 10 habits down, read on to find out if you fit the bill!

1. You store and use your leftovers

It doesn’t matter if you’ve cooked too much or can’t finish your food when dining out, you’re always ready to da-bao.  You whip out your plastic baggies, beeswax wraps or tuppaware containers to pack them for a meal later!

You also make sure to use your leftovers. You don’t want them to fester in the fridge only to end up in the trash afterwards. Using leftovers gives you a chance to be creative with your meals, because really, the possibilities are endless.

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2. You buy less and only what you need

We often buy too much and overestimate how much we can really eat. You find it really helpful to plan your meals, make a grocery shopping list and stick to it.
If you’re at a buffet, you take bite-size amounts of food you’re keen to try and go back for more if you like them.


3. You don’t mind ‘ugly’ produce

You think that food is food, no matter how they look like! They ultimately taste the same, so why the discrimination? Others see them as odd, but you view them as perfectly imperfect.
People would always find you browsing the aisles where these under-appreciated food items are found. Others don’t know this, but the shelves here stock the best food bargains and some of the cheapest prices!


4. You treat the expiry date as a guideline, not a rule

You’re okay with products that near their expiry, or even those that have expired.
Author of Wasted Food Jonathan Bloom recommends to “Trust your senses instead of the date on the package. Trust your sense of smell and sight and taste” when it comes to expiry dates. As stated by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, these dates often signify food quality instead of safety.


5. You spread the word about food waste

You feel that every single person deserves to know about this problem! You actively try to get the people around you to understand, and if possible, hop on board as well. It’s not always easy, but you tough it all out!


6. You finish every morsel of food on your plate

Apart from ordering only what you’ll eat, you make sure to finish your food down to the last bite.
Your friends identify you as the one with the cleanest plate after every meal. If you don’t like cucumbers in your chicken rice, you make sure to inform the vendors firsthand.

Whenever you want to try something new, you’d grab a small portion or share it with a friend so that you waste a minimal amount if you don’t like it.


7. You’re a pro at managing your fridge

You practice FIFO: First in First Out to prevent leaving anything forgotten at the back of the fridge, only to find out that they’ve spoiled after a few weeks..or months.


8. You keep your bananas and apples separate

You know how to best store your foods to prevent them from spoiling too early.
You have also mastered the art of freezing your food. We love freezing overripe bananas- they are perfect for smoothies and muffins. Freezing the bag of raw meat that you bought at a discount also ensures that you’ve got enough to last you through the week without spoiling!

9. You compost your food waste

Sometimes, even after maximising the use of your food, there’s just an inevitable amount of waste left. Instead of dumping them into the bin, you compost them!

Don’t have a compost bin or don’t want to make your own compost? Don’t fret! You can freeze all your organic waste and deposit them at Citizen farm @ Queenstreet, who will compost it for you.


10. You participate in food rescues

Reducing food on an individual level makes a whole lot of difference. But you know that banding together as a community can slash the numbers further. Hence, you participate in food rescues to ensure that surplus food produced in the community goes to those who really need it.
Wanna participate in a local food rescue? SG Food Rescue is looking for volunteers! Hit them up here.

So, how many habits have you checked off? Are you a Food Waste Warrior? If you’re not, fret not, for we can start inculcating these habits right now.

And together, we can make a whole lot of difference.