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The Cheapest Meat Cuts You Can Buy

You shouldn’t envy being a meat lover. There are many who love all kinds of meat since it is a staple in almost every type of dish. While premium cuts are common, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your favourites. You can find cheap meat Singapore if you know what to look for.

The pandemic impacted our lives in many aspects. Tender cuts like beef tenderloin, fillet mignon, and chicken breast are undoubtedly delicious, but they won’t help you cut down on grocery expenses. If you’re now more budget-conscious than ever, then this is the guide you need as your browse the selections of your go-to online grocery retailer. Save money and still savour these budget-friendly meat cuts.

Chicken Thighs and Drumsticks with Bones

Chickens are the least expensive of all meat categories, but if you want to stretch your budget, you need to know the difference between dark and white meat in a chicken. Dark meat areas like the drumsticks and thighs are less expensive than the white meat portions. 

Not only are they cheaper, but they are also more flexible in terms of cooking. White meat tends to dry out very quickly when overcooked. The same cannot be said for thighs and drumsticks. They remain moist even if you overcook them a little. This is the higher amount of fat, iron, and more connective tissue when compared with breast meat. The bones also act as insulators to slow down the cooking process, so it’s less likely for you to overcook the meat. 

Beef Sirloin

Strip steaks are relatively tender just next to tenderloins but can still run pretty expensive since they are some of the most-desired steaks in restaurants. While they’re already more accessible than others, some prefer to save more. If you’re that type of person, then sirloin steaks are perfect for you. A beef sirloin has much lesser fat than a strip steak to run a little dry. You can watch like a hawk as it cooks to prevent overcooking to make up for this. You can also opt to turn it into kebabs. Just skewer some cubes and veggies so you won’t need as much sirloin to fill you up.

Ground Meat

Minced meat, whether ground pork or ground beef, never gets old. You can choose the leaner type to check the fat and calorie levels. Ground meat is also very flexible. You can turn them into meatballs for your pasta nights. If you prefer burgers, you can even turn them into hamburger patties. 

Ground Poultry

If you’ve had enough of red meat from pork and beef to last you a lifetime, then the much leaner and arguably more affordable white meat of poultry is your best bet. However, whether it’s ground chicken or the dark meat of ground turkey, you can jazz it up the same way you do with ground pork or beef as well. There are a few herbs here and there for marination, and it’s good to go for whatever you have in mind.

Pork Chops with Bone

Pork rib chops still have the loin attached to the bone. They’re a much more affordable and healthier alternative to pork loin chops which still have the tenderloin attached. A simple trick to help differentiate between them is that you can always tell it’s a pork loin chop by the T-shaped bone holding the loin and tenderloin in place. Rib chops only have the rib appendage. 

Pork and Beef Innards

If you’re a fan of the liver, intestines, hearts, and lungs, among other things, then whether it’s pork or beef innards, you’ll find them very affordable. They’re not often requested, which is why they’re much cheaper. Haven’t sampled them yet? Try experimenting with recipes that make use of these ingredients and discover what you’ve been missing out on.

Whole Chicken

Chicken remains to be a top contender for affordable meat cuts. While different chicken parts have different prices, the meatiest amount that you and many others overlook is the most practical. A whole chicken is usually the most affordable chicken “cut.” It has not been prepped yet in any way. Butchers don’t bother cutting it up into attractive pieces. It’s not pre-marinated. When you buy a whole chicken, you get to have all the parts from the preferred choices like the legs or the breasts down to the less desirable parts. You don’t have to cut it apart when you can roast it whole. If you insist on cutting it, there are plenty of tutorial videos to help you with that. 

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