Your Go-To Checklist for Quality Cheap Meat

Red meat is a staple for many dishes, from main courses to appetisers. If you have doubts whether the cheap meat Singapore you’re getting at your usual store is of the freshest quality, then bring this handy guide with you so you can feel more confident about your purchase.

Let’s talk about the standard views when shopping for meat. First, people tend to favour the bright red meat on display. The brighter the red, the better right? However, contrary to this common belief, fresh beef has a tinge more similar to purple than red. This is because when the fresh meat comes into contact with air, that is the time it develops the red colour we are so familiar with. Read on to find out what else you might have missed.

Meat Colour Depends on the Type of Meat

While the namesake is red meat, it doesn’t always mean you get precisely red meat. It can vary from purple, red, and even brown. Contrary to what most people think, brown beef doesn’t mean it’s spoiled. It simply means it has been exposed to oxygen. So rest assured, you can eat it without complications. 

Generally, pork meat should have a rosy pink colour, while game meat has a dark brown tint. Poultry is not exempt from this as well. Depending on their diet, fresh poultry can take on the colour of a bluish-white down to yellow. 

You Can Trust your Nose on this One

While meat doesn’t have the best smell even when it’s fresh, it’s a good indicator of whether it’s new or spoiled. Of course, the smell of fresh meat isn’t a favourite even among meat lovers, but rotten meat smells like rotten flesh, and the pungent odour is overpowering. You won’t miss it after a good whiff.

Look for Clean and Smooth Cuts

Even the way meat is cut says a great deal about its quality. Be on the lookout for cuts that are smooth and uniform in size. Stay away from those with jagged edges. This guideline is even more critical for chicken meat. Poultry that isn’t butchered well would mean the joints and bones carelessly removed. If you choose low-grade poultry, you might have more work cut out for you.

Pay Close Attention to the Meat Surface and Texture

You might not have noticed this before, but you will see these meat fibres on the surface if you look a little closer. So if you’re looking for tough meat that is oozing with flavour, what you want are coarse meat grains with plenty of visible meat fibres. Otherwise, meat that lacks these grains, such as tenderloin, is tender once cooked. 

Generally, meat should be firm, dense, and dry. You should see that the muscle fibers are uniform and packed tightly together. If they look like they’re close to falling apart, you can bet your money that it’s either the meat was poorly handled or it’s of poor quality. If the heart is slimy and sticky to the touch, stay well away from it. 

Even Marbling means Premium Taste

You must have wondered about the white streaks of fat distributed throughout the muscle. These lines of fat are called marbling. The finer the marbling is, the tastier the meat will be. Wagyu beef is well-known for its marbling and succulent flavor, and tenderness. Meat with even marbling is generally considered premium cuts, which is why they don’t run cheap.

Check the Dates

Meat suppliers in Singapore emphasise two dates you must check on. The sell-by or best-before date tells you when the product is at its optimum freshness. When that date passes, the meat can still be consumed, but it’s the consumer’s discretion whether it is still safe.

The use-by date is a critical indicator of how close the meat is to being rotten. It’s important to remember that you must always be a consumer before or use-by date. Afterward, the risk of food poisoning is very high. 


Some types of meat are more prone to spoilage than others. For example, minced or ground meat has more surface area than steak cuts, which tends to deteriorate faster.

Don’t Forget the Packaging and Storage.

While it’s common knowledge, there’s no harm in pointing it out. Be sure to check the package for any sign of damage or dirt. While the packaging itself doesn’t directly affect the meat, it tells how the heart was handled. 

While you’re thinking about finding great market bargains Singapore best, remember that surplus food apps are a dime a dozen in this digital age. So if you’re looking to do your groceries online, ensure that they have the appropriate fridge and freezer storage for temperature control. 

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