Best Fruits in Singapore for Every Season

Fruits are part of a country’s unique cuisine. Some are native to a particular region because of certain growing conditions, while others are dependent on the year’s seasons. Cheap fruits Singapore can easily be found if you’re familiar with their growing seasons.

Singapore’s location right below the equator makes it one of the tropical countries. Some countries have exotic natural fruits, and Singapore is no stranger. Known for its hot and humid weather, tropical fruits are bountiful, but Singapore is also a massive importer of fruits from neighbouring countries so that you can have the complete package of seasonal fruits in a year. Still not familiar with which fruits are for which season? Check out this guide to know what fruits have the best price each season.

Spring Produce

As is the trademark of the spring season, the weather at this time of year is relatively mild, with warm weather and gentle rains. But, just like what spring symbolises, you’ll find plenty of fruits during this season. 


Everyone loves strawberries. You can find them starting from March to late summer. Arguably the most famous berries globally, you can eat them raw or use them as ingredients for snacks and desserts. 


A local specialty of Singapore that you can find from April to July. If you’re still not familiar with this fruit, its sweet and tart taste when ripe is unlike any other. So it is no wonder it has been dubbed as the “queen of fruits.”


One of the more unique fruits from the Southeast Asian region available from April through September, you can eat this raw or add it to your desserts. Its rugged exterior and soft interior are similar to the durian, but the fruit has a significantly different taste. Rich in magnesium and potassium, it can help with blood pressure problems. 


Packed with plenty of vitamins C, B, and natural antioxidants, lychee helps prevent early aging. The iron in the fruit also promotes the formation of red blood cells. You can find this from May to August, but others argue that they’re best consumed until June only. The fruit can be sweet or sour, but the seeds taste very bitter.

Summer Produce

Summers in Singapore is hot and humid, but it’s also the perfect season to enjoy tropical and exotic fruits to quiet down the heat. 


Known as the “dragon eye,” it’s a tiny fruit with soft skin similar to Hongkong. While the fruit is sweet and juicy, the seed is very bitter. You’ll find plenty of this from June to September. Abundant in calcium and vitamin C, it gives your immune system and energy levels a boost. 


Famous worldwide, this fruit can be eaten ripe to enjoy its sweet taste or unripe for that tangy flavor. Growing from June to December, you can find mangoes of varying degrees of ripeness. Rich in fiber and vitamins A and C, it can help prevent diabetes and heart diseases. 


You’ll only find this fruit in Singapore during the summer months of June up to August. To quench the sweltering heat, you would want to eat this fruit chilled.  


While this fruit has an infamous reputation due to its strong smell, it is very creamy and tasty. Known as the “king of fruits,” it has an acquired taste, but you can find durian from June to August and December to February for those who love it. 


Popular additions to breakfast or eaten as they are, blueberries are low in calories and packed with vitamins. As a result, blueberries are often found in diets that promote weight loss. If you’re looking for some, best check the stalls from June until August. 

Autumn/Fall Produce

Despite what autumn means, since Singapore doesn’t follow the four seasons that other countries do, you can still find several fruit varieties during these months.

Dragon Fruit 

This is perhaps the most popular fruit in Singapore whenever the fall season arrives. Pink on the outside with either white or purple flesh, you’ll find it tastes lovely, but there are also less than sweet varieties. One important thing to remember is not to eat the skin since it can be dangerous to one’s health. You’ll find this famous fruit from September to November.

Winter Produce

Like the autumn season, the hot climate in Singapore means the winter months don’t have the typical snow. So here are some of the cheap fruits Singapore you can find at this time of the year.


Rich in healthy fats, avocado is key to diets that help promote weight loss. While they’re commonly imported from other countries such as Mexico, they are also grown locally. Rich in fiber and oleic acid, they can add extra creaminess to a sandwich, salad, or smoothie. In addition, avocados are around from December to August. With this extended availability, you’ll be sure to find fresh quality produce throughout the year.


While categorized as a winter fruit, you can find papayas all year round. High in vitamins and potassium, you can cut them into cubes for bite-sized snacks. They are also popular kitchen ingredients for milkshakes and cookies.

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